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Lamia Scale : Guild Description

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Lamia Scale : Guild Description

Post by Rex Skywalker on Mon 8 Oct - 12:23


Lamia Scale is one of the legal guilds in the Kingdom of Fiore and it's current guild is located in Hargeon Town. The guild's building have a bearing dark banner which is decorated by the Lamia Scale's symbol, with a statue representing a lamia and also the source of the guild's name. The guild's symbol has a creature of a young woman and a large serpentine tail in place of her legs. There are also several statues of the Lamia Scaled's symbol just outside of the guild hall by the entrance.

The current Guild Master is only 18 years old, he is a kind and well hearted person. The guild have no Affiliations with any illegal organizations or dark guilds at all. The guild master is a keen and loyal young man who will someday make Lamia Scale the strongest guild in the Kingdom of Fiore.

The Guild is looking for mages that have great responsibility, kind hearted, and strong mages too. The Guild will accept members that have a strong determined mind with the courage and the will too keep fighting.


Lamia Scale doesn't have much recored of it's history. It's currently unknown when Lamia Scale was founded. Rex Skywalker is the current Guild Master of Lamia Scale.


Lamia Scale is one of the most powerful guilds in Fiore. Lamia Scale's reputation is well known because of it's powerful members. It's current guild master Rex Skywalker is also well known throughout the world because of it's title as the Ten Wizard Saints making the guild popular as well.

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