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Lamia Scale : Guild Rules/Regulations

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Lamia Scale : Guild Rules/Regulations

Post by Rex Skywalker on Tue 9 Oct - 12:41

Lamia Scale

Lamia Scale is a guild where you can have fun, enjoy, and relax. We have high expectations from each of the members who are in this guild. As long as you follow those rules below and stay out of trouble, you won't be kicked. So thank you for joining Lamia Scale and have fun.

Things that are EXPECTED as a Member of LS :

  • Maintain good results and good role models for our guild so other people would look up at us.

  • You should get along with other people on this site and RP with them.

  • Go help those people who needs help if necessary

  • Try and Rank Up quickly before the spots are filled.

  • Friendship is the Key to Happiness and Joy. Remember that.

  • Interact and communicate with people around this site. A good place and a good way to find friends is at the CB (chatbox)


  • Stay active and Be active. If you are not gonna be active for a while, please tell me. If you're not active in 1 month, you'll be kicked.

  • RPing regularly is encouraged. This is to help improve your Role Playing skills and etc.

  • Respect and be nice to people not just in our guild but everyone. Set good examples for others to follow. If you are caught having bad behaviors, you'll be kicked.

  • Do not abuse your powers and ranks. This is to maintain balance and prevent people from fighting. Meaning Showing off is strictly prohibited. If you are cause abusing your powers, you'll be kicked.

  • Follow the Rules that are set or you'll be kicked too.

  • Do not cause any troublesome act, If it is not your business then don't interfere.

  • If you are to betray a fellow guild mate by killing him/her, you'll be kicked without hesitations.

  • You are to carry out the orders from above. Meaning that you are to listen to orders that have been given from the GM or the site's staffs. You are not to reject or argue with the orders that have been given.

And Lastly, enjoy being a member of this guild and I hope you have fun. Make our guild Proud!

Rex Skywalker
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