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Earth Gear magic

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Earth Gear magic

Post by Tempest on Tue 1 Jan - 21:08

- My Magic -

Name: Earth Gear
Type: Caster Magic
Along with Heaven- and Hell Gear, Earth Gear was given to infants, which enabled them to advance uses of magic in order to make bio-weapons. Tempest, also known as x-000 at the time, was given Earth Gear. Each gear holds three locks which when unlocked, gives the user new abilities the gear on that level holds. Tempest only unlocked the first gear so far which gives him access to 2 abilities: Enhance & Initial Copy.
Strengths: Thanks to initial Copy Tempest can copy other people magic and use it against them. Most other abilities stored on each lock either raises the user awareness to make the subject more likely to survive or are meant to increase the effectiveness of Initial Copy.
Weaknesses: He isn’t able to learn any other type of magic anymore (only his Earth Gear’s abilities). Also, as a side-effect Tempest can only store up to 2 skills with his copy ability (So Tempest can carry over up to 2 previous learned skills over to other topics, and in topics he can store new ones by replacing old ones).

- My Magic Skills -

Name: Enhance
Rank: D
Element: None
The caster releases his own magic energy until a blue colored aura surrounds the user, slightly changing his/her properties.
Strengths: The spell can be used to make the caster lighter, thus making his slightly faster, or it can be used to make the user more sturdy, thus slightly protects him/her from outside effects.
Weaknesses: Those mentioned above are the only changes that can be made. Also magic must be used constantly to maintain the spell. As for making the user Sturdier, a large sum of magic must be used to protect the user from real damage and it only protects for a little bit.
Duration: As long as the user uses magic to maintain the spell
Cooldown: 2

Name: Initial Copy
Rank: D
Element: None
When the caster sees a spell, or is targeted by one he/she can copy it gaining knowledge of the spell and also on how to preform it.
Strengths: Gives the caster the ability to use various of spells
Weaknesses: The caster can’t copy spells that require items, pacts, etc. Items can be an exception when the caster has the same item. As for Tempest, he can only store up to 2 spells. Meaning when attempting to copy a third spell, he must “forget” a previously copied spell.
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

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