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Tempest [Done]

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Tempest [Done]

Post by Tempest on Thu 27 Dec - 12:47

- My Information -

Name: Tempest
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: November 12
Sexuality: Straight
Others: N/A

Tempest is usually very kind and formal. He always tries to act calm and collective and thinks things through before rushing to action or jumping to conclusion. When interacting with other people Tempest always tries even harder to be polite, which other people sometimes see as weird. Tempest isn’t out to make many friends but greatly respects the connections he has. He also respects those that fight for others sake. Tempest can't help but act a little childish when faced with things he likes. He really enjoys a good battle but never fights to kill. However when on an dangerous mission or threatening battles his kindness somewhat disappears and he only focuses on the mission or everyone’s safety.

- Magic - Even though he can’t learn magic of his own he always enjoys seeing other using magic (sometimes to the point of him getting jealous
- Sparring – He loves a good fight especially against those how are strong even though he is against killing
- Wings – He envies all animals for having wings letting them fly to the vast ocean of the blue sky.
- Nature – As a child he always enjoyed watching various plants and animals
- People that protect others – Tempest has a great deal of respect to those who
- Askura & Yuki – Those were his army buddies (explained in history)

- Other people dying – Having experienced it multiple times seeing a close one die can mortify him
- Bullies & Thugs – He can’t stand people that abuse others for their own personal gain
- Special Militia – Having trained there for years and in the end being betrayed, Tempest hates the Special militia (explained in history)
- Rich People – He doesn’t necessarily hate rich people but those that openly show and brag about it.
- Dark Guilds – Those that don’t obey the law aren’t considered good people in Tempest’s book
- Revealing his own ability - Tempest doesn't like showing his ability to others and tries to convince people he has no magical capabilities at all.

Tempest immediate goal is finding Askura. Tempest owes her a lot and since they got separated after their terrible ordeal his mind was set in finding her so he can protect her. With Yuki’s words in mind Tempest want to maintain his kind spirit doesn’t want stray from his path to help out other people in need. Tempest’s deep desire to become stronger hasn’t vanished either. After his dreadful experience as a child and afterwards the many events that happened in the militia Tempest still wants to become stronger so he can protect those he cares about, making sure nobody has to share his past in the future again.

Even though Tempest is young, he has gone through many things that has influenced his sense of fear. After countless of almost-dead-experiences he now no longer fears his own death. Instead he greatly fears other people dying because of his incompetence. Especially those close to him have a deep impact, like the time of his village or his good friend Yuki. Now being separated from his friend Askura, he also fears something may have happened to her as well. Although he tries to think positive, he can’t shake off these worst case scenarios out of his mind. Tempest also fears dark guilds, as they are mostly rumored to cause a great deal of trouble. He believes their existence can greatly harm others.

- My Appearance -

Height: 5’1”
Weight: 125Ibs
Hair: Short black and spikey
Eyes: Black
General Appearance:
Although Tempest has underwent strict physical training for a few years his body doesn’t show it. He has an average body build of a teenage boy. He has the luck of not carrying any scars considering the wounds he obtained both before and during his militia days.
Even though tempest left the militia, he still wears his militia uniform as it feel comfortable. It has a yellow brown color with a round formed symbol on his back with a red wide arrow pointing upwards on it. The symbol however has 3 strips covering it which was done with a sword. He also wears a black leather glove on his right hand. He also wears black sturdy boots. He has he small pouch Tempest carries on his back slightly below the symbol in which he used to carries his weapons. Now it only contains a notebook along with a pencil.

- My History -

As a child Tempest Tenma was raised normally in a peaceful village. He had no particular dreams or passion other than the beauty of nature. He usually went outside to go to the nearby forest to look at the animals and plants. He made notebooks of all the plants and animals he could find. The village was remote not to far away from Magnolia. Occasionally people visited the village. People that happen to have magical talents always caught Tempest’s attention. Some came as travelers who performed to gain money. Some people that preformed usually learned some of the younger ones some of their magic tricks. Tempest, who loved magic, always paid close attention, in comparison to the other children, to the instructions of those who taught but for some reason Tempest couldn’t learn any skill. The other children could all learn the easier skills, with some of them, through trial and error. This made Tempest stand-out in a bad way and usually got left out, when the children went out to play. Being left out, Tempest become more absorbed in nature.

One day, the once so peaceful village was raided by thugs. Houses where set on fire, people were killed without discrimination. Tempest’s parents were also attacked but before they died they sacrificed themself in order to insure Tempest’s safety. Tempest barely survived the raid with the aid of his parents, but was unfortunate that he was the only survivor. He couldn’t forget the sight of all those who were killed right in front of him, with the only though in his mind that he could be next. As he escaped the his village he watched his village burn down as the helpless screams of dead filled his head.

After that gruesome experience he resolved himself to become stronger He wanted to become stronger in order to protect people. To make sure, the things he experienced would never happened again. He never wanted people close to him disappear ever again. After aimlessly travelling with those thoughts he then stumbled on a military facility, called the Militia Enforcer (EM). It was located in a remote area. Tempest decided to enroll hoping to get stronger to achieve his newly set goals. Even though Tempest was only 12 years old, the militia still accepted him. At his registration they asked for Tempest’s name. He decided to abandoning his own last name, as it reminded him of his family and his village he referred to himself as Tempest, and was enrolled being one of the younger members of the militia. Tempest learned how to fight, both a sword as well as unharmed. He also learned all kinds of survival methods and tactics, for battles. For two years straight he got drilled at trained to push his limits.

Because he couldn’t make any friends in his home town, he had difficulties in the militia as well opening up to other people. He eventually met a boy named ‘Yuki Shirai’ who seemed a few years older than him and befriended him. Later he met a girl named ‘Askura’, who was around the same age as Tempest. Although young, the three where quite gifted, for their age and some of the other new members looked in envy at the three young ones. Yuki was well known for his abnormal strength, both physical as mental. Askura was a master with all kinds of weapons and Tempest was known for his quick adaption. After three years of training every member of the militia that passed was sent on mission to improve in field work. Tempest along with newly made friends passed and mostly completed mission after mission for half a year. All three then transferred to another facility, not too far away to learn and improve on their magical abilities. Yuki was very gifted right from the start, being capable of handling very powerful lightning based magic. Askura was also strong in magic, in her cause earth based. Although not as gifted as Yuki she too exceeded most other members of her grade. Tempest, however couldn’t learn even the basic spells no matter how hard he tried. Because Tempest was unable to learn magic everyone made fun of him except Yuki and Askura who stayed by his side and supported him.

Fights among the members were common. Everyone wanted to show off their strengths or wanted to proof something. Tempest often sparred with Askura and Yuki. Having been electrocuted many times by Yuki’s magic, Tempest started to feel a little accustomed to it. Tempest, who did have any magical talents, often received fight request as mockery as well. Every time, however Yuki or Askura stood up. Everyone knew them and then often backed down. One day another soldier challenged Tempest, who was known for his high leveled in fire skills. Yuki who was in the area wanted to step up but Tempest recalled the promised he made years ago and stopped him. Tempest wanted to become stronger so he could protect other, so getting tired of letting others protect him. The soldier knew Tempest’s weakness and made good use of it keeping a good distance while shooting a great array of fire projectiles. In battle Tempest usually kept in head cool and managed to dodge the projectiles for a while but his situation was hopeless and the inevitable happened as he got hit. Every soldier laughed as they say the seemingly weak Tempest got beaten. Yuki who was watching couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to step in, but stopped when he saw Tempest suddenly glow with light blue aura. Tempest who awakened to his power, stood up and looked the soldier in the eye with new confident, as the glow slowly disappeared. In shock the soldier stared at Tempest for a while but then continued his assault. Then to everybody’s surprise Tempest countered with the soldier’s magic with a similar fire projectile of his own. Everyone, including Tempest, looked amazed seeing Tempest suddenly using a pretty high ranked skill. Tempest, who almost forgot how much he liked magic, couldn’t help but smile. He stood his ground ready for another round, however the fight was interrupted by the superiors. The superiors had gotten a sudden interest in the in Tempest’s power. A few days later he, along with Yuki and Askura were appointed in a special squad. The squad was sent to many behind the scene missions. To celebration their promotion Askura engrafted a yellow whirlpool in their swords. She claimed it was amateur work, but she didn’t change it when she had gotten better in grafting since all three saw it as a symbol of friendship, regardless of its quality. Later on each one exchanged items to each other. Tempest received a gift from Yuki, which was the green scarf. Tempest gave Askura the pendant he had gotten when he was a child. Yuki received a special made glove from Askura. She claimed it could enhance Yuki’s lightning capabilities.

Combining their skills Yuki, Askura and Tempest succeeded mission after mission almost flawlessly. Each mission however suspension grew among the trio, as their missions usually demanded unreasonable actions. One mission, they were ordered to kill an officer from him of an opposing kingdom and take specific information. On the site, however they discovered that the man they needed kill was nothing more than an innocent citizen. Refusing to fulfill their mission they returned empty handed, only to find out that they have fallen in a trap. They were betrayed by the very army they served and got chased out to a nearby rune. Cornered and with no options left Yuki decided to sacrifice himself, using his strongest spell to hold the army of so Askura and Tempest could escape. Yuki looked back at his friends with smile. He thanked them, for their friendship and how he became tired of the rich live he grew up in. He told them that money can never give a person real happiness. With his last words, which were: ’Never lose your kindness and stay true to yourself’, Yuki faced the incoming army squad that chased them. Using the glove he had received to its full capabilities, Yuki used his final skill. A big explosion followed, but its impact was to strong and even though Tempest and Askura were fleeing they were still caught in the explosion and were knocked unconscious. When Tempest woke up he noticed that he was alone in a dense forest. Having copied one the tracing skills one of the chasing soldiers used Tempest learned Askura was captured.

Using all his learned stealth skills he infiltrated the ME. He however noticed that Askura wasn’t around. Fearing the worst Tempest lost control and went on a rampage attacking he facility. Many new trained recruits were station there so Tempest was able to injuring many soldiers. He then came across the fire using soldier he fought before. Having grown stronger Tempest out bested the soldier. Tempest filled with rage was ready to kill the soldier. The soldier, who was shivering in fear seeing Tempest like that, begged for his life and he told Tempest that Askura escaped some time ago. Tempest suddenly remembered the words Yuki told him before he died and calmed down. Tempest, who was both injured and exhausted, was pretty soon cornered by many soldiers. A sudden flash then filled the entire facility and when the light faded Tempest suddenly disappeared.

When Tempest came by, he found himself once again in the forest he was before. If it wasn’t for the pain of his injuries he would have thought it was all a dream. Not thinking too hard of how he escaped and where the flash came from he went to Iselia. To be on the safe side he made sure not to make himself recognizable. He instincts were right, since its seemed that even in Iselia he wasn’t all that welcomes anymore. Knowing Askura was alive out there somewhere and with the advice Yuki gave him, he wandered around Eternal with his goal to look for Askura. Tempest travels to look for people who are in trouble. He knew that Askura had a similar feeling of protecting people and Tempest believes that by continuing to protect others he will eventually meet Askura again.

Hidden past:
Although Tempest doesn’t know this, he is actually the result of a failed experiment. As an infant his real parents were killed and he was collected along with 2 other infants to make humanoid weapons. Tempest who didn’t even have a name at the time was called X-000 and was given a power named ‘Earth’s Gear’. These 3 gears each have 3 levels in which each level gives the user more magical abilities. The experiments seemed to have failed however, as X-000 showed no magical capabilities. He was later discarded as a failed subject and donated to a family close to Magnolia. Later, the EM began to see a future in this technology and closed a deal in which they could use some of the skills the Gears would produce. Earth’s Gear had a skill called “Enchance”. Unfortunately for the EM this was the only skill the developers were capable of extracting. Even still, the EM noticed on those who tried to learn it that the skill, for some reason, was difficult to control
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Re: Tempest [Done]

Post by Rex Skywalker on Tue 1 Jan - 10:05

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