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Blue Pegasus : Guild Description

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Blue Pegasus : Guild Description

Post by 9th Legend on Tue 16 Oct - 5:24

Blue Pegasus
Probably one of the most intriguing Legal Guilds.


Blue Pegasus is a legal guild located far from Magnolia Town. The guild is filled with strong hearted, and strong-willed mages. Consisting of three wizard saints, the guild is known for its power, strength and the amount of powerful dragon slayers. The guild master is Seikairyuu, who is the youngest guild master in the history of Blue Pegasus, being at age sixteen. Being only a sixteen year old, Seikairyuu is a person who slacks in being a guild master. However, he cares about his guild members, and tries to help them. The guild accepts only the strong willed and respected mages. Blue Pegasus is a guild that consists of "Prettyboy" Wizards. They have a thing for girls but overall, they are strong guild and are rising up in numbers. Blue Pegasus loves to win and they are not to be messed with

Location: Clover Town

Despite its reputation stemming mostly from the beautiful and fashionable men and women in it, Blue Pegasus is a powerful guild which is kept in high regard, enough for it to be chosen as one of the four guilds tasked with the destruction of OraciĆ³n Seis, one of the three strongest Dark Guilds composing the core of the Balam Alliance. During X791's Grand Magic Games, Blue Pegasus' competing team was one of the few making it through the preliminary event "Sky Labyrinth", coming 5th of eight teams, while 105 other guilds were disqualified.

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