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Venom God Slayer Magic

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Venom God Slayer Magic

Post by Rex Skywalker on Sat 6 Oct - 0:06

- My Magic -

Name: Venom God Slayer Magic
Type: Lost Magic ; Caster Magic
Venom Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of lost magic. Venom God Slayer Magic is a type of Magic which allows the user to incorporate the element of poison into their body, granting them exclusive characteristic possessed by Venom God. It grants the user, the power to produce poison / venom from his body and to consume the one produced from external sources to heal and strengthen himself, as a result it grants him immunity from poison. The user are capable of freely producing and manipulating venom in the form of Poison as Toxic gas and etc. Normal Poison / Venom magic and poison dragons slayer magic are shown to be pretty weak and useless against venom god slayers, since they can just eat the attack and fire back at them. Diseases, Virus, Fungus, Bacteria may also be a type of Poison or Venom. This can affect anyone who gets in contact with the user's tangible blunt force or any state where the venom can be touched or breathe.

This magic is Venom type which makes it incredibly destructive and strong due to it's tangible toxic gas. Thus it can be used as an effective blunt weapon, inflicting physical damage to the enemy while also at the same time infecting the enemy with venom. This magic is very handy due to the external toxic gas could be found mostly anywhere ( lead, mercury, asbestos, hydrofluoric acid, and chlorine gas, organic compounds such as methyl alcohol, most medications, and poisons from living things.) When the toxic gas start effecting the enemy the substances may cause lethality to the entire body, lethality to specific organs, major/minor damage, or cause cancer. The Toxic gas can also be very strong to destroy weak elements like plastic, wood, or anything thats quite weak due to it's tangible abilities. The Venom is an advantage cause it slows down the enemy with it's toxin and eventually the opponent is left wide open and giving the chance for the user to do whatever he wants during the slow down time.

This magic has a huge weakness of solid matters and as a result the venomic toxic gas can't even penetrate the solid at all if it is super hard like iron or maybe bedrocks. Due to being a God Slayer, Rex have motion sickness too. Water can cure of poisons when touched by making it into thin air and evaporate or scatter it. The weakness is water, and storm because of it's high wind pressure. Water can heal the stuffs that effected by the poisonous toxic gas, when the water and the poisonous gas gets in contact, the water can clean of the toxic away and change the gas to a normal fresh air to breath (oxygen) . Water, ice and bedrock both can block the toxic gas due liquid and hard solid forms. Only powerful and hard Earth like bedrocks can block the toxic gas. As for storm, it's powerful air pressure can deflect the toxic gas away or blow and clean the toxic away.

- My Magic -

Name: (The name of the magic skill.)
Rank: (What rank this magic skill is, everyone starts as 6 D Rank magic skill.)
Description: (How to cast the spell etc.)
Strengths: (What is the effect of the magic skill, how much damage did it give etc.)
Weaknesses: (Every magic has weaknesses.)

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