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Magic of the Frozen Dragon Slayer (WIP)

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Magic of the Frozen Dragon Slayer (WIP)

Post by Airo Kyoni on Sat 3 Nov - 21:40

- My Magic -

Name: Ice Dragon Slayer
Type: Caster Magic
An old magic thought to be a myth, the magic of a frost dragon. Used for brute force and hard, precise hits. It mostly consentrates about movement and a hard hit. The frost dragons are used to the frozen weather so training in one, you must be able to endure sub-zero weather. This kind of magic tears apart the inside unless you can control the cold within your body and set you core body tempurature high enough to withstand the frozen heart of a frost dragon. The attacks of this kind of magic are sharp and used as blades.

It provides a solid defense, It can cut through alot of defenses, It makes speed a thing to not worry about, Frost dragon slayer magic training makes the user able to withstand cold.

Heat subdues this kind of magic, Once a block is broken it is hard to recover, Healing time for injuries is slowed, When using a shield the user is made immobile, Using different variety of attacks can severely injure the caster.

Name: Harp of Ice
Rank: S
Description: Activates only in dire times to save the caster. In a radius of 1 mile, everything freezes (Inlcuding air) in a sphere shape. Casting this will leave the caster unconsious after 10 minutes (4 turns).
Strengths: Freezes everything in the way. Immobilizes opponents. Changes the terrain into a frozen wasteland.
Weaknesses: Takes 2 post's to charge, Can only be charged when nearley dead/unconscious, The caster releases all his energy that remains.
Duration: 3 post's
Cooldown: Once per topic.

Name: Eyes of the Seering Frost
Rank: A
Description: To cast this spell Airo has to have been in combat for 3 posts to charge. To activate its effect, sends a frozen lasers with a diameter of 2 inches per eye, the caster must shout its name and his eyes with glow blue. The longer it charges the brighter his eyes get. For every 4 posts the diameter of the cast increases by an inch (max of 6 inches.)
Strengths: (What is the effect of the magic skill, how much damage did it give etc.)
Weaknesses: (Every magic has weaknesses.)
Duration: (How many post does the duration of the magic skill.)
Cooldown: (How many post does the cooldown need after the duration.)

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