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Sonia's Dark God Slayer Magic

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Sonia's Dark God Slayer Magic

Post by soniaroad on Sat 13 Oct - 1:30

- My Magic -

Name: Dark God Slayer
Type: Darkness
Dark God Slayer Magic is a type of Magic that incorporates the element of darkness into the user's body. This allows the user to produce black ghastly magical aura from any part of his/her body which is used mostly for attacking purposes. This Magic allows users to manipulate and control destructive dark Magic. This Magic has a physical form used for destroying objects, blocking enemies' attacks and picking up things. The user is also able to consume external sources of darkness magic in order bring them self to a healthy state and replenish his/her strength, which makes them immune to darkness based attacks. In addition to being immune to darkness magic, they also have the ability to transform into huge horrific demons that have the strength to level cities in a flash.
Strengths: Dark God Slayer magic is quite destructive and effective when dealing with multiple enemies. God
Weaknesses: Prone to its opposite element, Holy or Light magic. Holy or light attacks are increased by one fourth.

- My Magic Skills -

Name: Dark God's Explosion Wave
Rank: D
Element: Darkness
The user releases a massive stream of black energy waves at her opponent from her arm by launching her arm forward in a punch-like motion. Once the waves reach its target, they increase in size creating a giant explosion. Can send out 3 waves within a span of 5 posts.
Strengths: Effective against single or multiple targets due to its wave upon wave of attacks. Can cause heavy damage to those who are not wearing protective armor.
Weaknesses: The attacks movement is not that fast and although it spreads out like a wave those who are agile and posses the ability to fly can avoid this attack.
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Dark God's Shield
Rank: D
Element: Darkness
The user spreads her arms and legs and unleashes a giant ball of dark energy around herself. This ball of energy acts a barrier, strong enough to block physical attacks and magic attacks. It has the ability to absorb dark magic attacks and reflect it back. Once the barrier is in effect, it acts platform that can carry the Sonia or those inside the barrier when it was formed.
Strengths:Can block most attacks whether magical or physical. It also has the ability to absorb and reflect back dark magic attacks.
Weaknesses: High level light magic attacks have high probability to penetrate this barrier.
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Dark God's Shroud
Rank: D
Element: Darkness
User swipes her hand, releasing black mist that cover her target(s) like a cloud. Those shrouded by the mist see horrible and terrifying visions, these visions drains the victims magical powers for the duration of the spell.
Strengths: Massive offensive spell designed to hinder opponents allowing one on one combat.
Weaknesses: Can be dispelled by cleansing light magic.
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Dark God's Bellow
Rank: D
Element: Darkness
A similar attack to a dragon slayers "Dragon's Roar", Sonia breathes a massive energy of darkness at her opponent. This spell has the capacity do destroy almost anything within it path. Living beings caught in the bellow's path that have no magical resistance are digested slowly by passing dark energy.
Strengths: Massive offensive spell that affects living and non living things. Capable of clearing those that are withing the magical attacks path.
Weaknesses: Can be blocked or deflected by high ranked light magic attacks.
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Dark God's Scythe
Rank: D
Element: Darkness
User forms a scythe of black energy off of one arm, which she uses as a weapon for destructive results. Can cut through hard objects like steel and stone. It also has the ability to cut trough intangible objects like light or sound but in that state is would just phase through solid objects.
Strengths: A spell designed for melee combat. Good for attacking and for blocking.
Weaknesses: When this spell is in effect, Sonia cant use spells that needs both her hands to activate like the Dark God's Shield and Dark God's Call.
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Dark God's Call
Rank: D
Element: Darkness
A spell that summons forth a legion of the undead. Can be skeletons, zombies, ghouls, ghosts or wraiths. Depending on the current rank of the spell, the minions life, attack and defense are directly proportional to the spell rank. At current rank minions have the strength of foot-soldiers which mean they can be taken out by taking two attacks whether physical or magical.
Strengths: A spell specifically designed to cause chaos on the battle field. And the minions can cause a decent enough damage to those in the field.
Weaknesses: Legions are limited depending if inside or outside closed areas. Inside 6-8 minions per legion. Outside 15-20 minions per legion. They disappear when the duration ends or when they are defeated.
Duration: 7 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts

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Re: Sonia's Dark God Slayer Magic

Post by Rex Skywalker on Wed 17 Oct - 5:40

Nice APP APPROVED unless someone else spotted a mistake there :)

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