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Post by Blonca on Sun 14 Oct - 19:45

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Oracion Seis was founded by the women Above Angle Seis She was a nice women who lived to the age of 100 years than died Before she died she established this guild that you may want to join The guild hall is Located on Cristo island underground She had said she has felt her strongest on that island and wanted it to sever as a place where people of her kind would live and grow evil or good She did not believe in that she only believed in trust and if you had here trust you would get into the guild and no matter what you would not be kicked from the guild only if you followed the rules.

  1. 1. NO fighting with other guilds or your guild mates
    2. NO Picking fights without the guilds Consent
    3. No betraying the guild
    4. No be nice and kind to others of different guilds
    5. Don’t leave the guild without saying goodbye
    6. Keep all guild info to yourself and don’t share it to other guilds when you Leave Oracion Seis
    7. Be strong and keep or guild number one on the evil chart
    8. Stay active in the guild there may be some events don’t want you to miss out
    9. Be willing to do what the guild master ask whenever or what ever
    10. If you’re going to be Evil keep it Clean –wink, wink

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