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Tsumiki Miniwa

Post by Tsumiki Miniwa on Fri 5 Oct - 6:23

- My Information -

Name: Tsumiki Miniwa
Nickname: Tsumiki The Cute Goddess
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: 8 February
Sexuality: Straight
Others: N/A


Tsumiki has a tsundere attitude, being slightly cold to others. She is a very kind hearted girl who is always try to help others. She is quiet and calm as she feels shy when she is talking with others. She possesses powerful strength despite her small figure. Although she does not always smile, she is very charming as she is a very cute girl, and because this, everyone tries to make friends with her. She is a very smart girl who knows everything in the world. She has a slightly stubborn personality, and she is also quite timid when she saw insects.


  • Sing - Tsumiki has a soft and cute voice, and so she likes to sing.
  • Cook - Tsumiki likes to cook, especially desserts or sweets.
  • Read - Reading books, especially love novel.
  • Pets - They are very cute.
  • Shopping - Buying things with friends, that's the happiest thing in Tsumiki's life.
  • Chocolates - They are delicious and sweet.
  • Nature - The sea, flora and fauna, because they are beautiful.
  • Soft Music - She will feel relaxed when she is listening some soft music.
  • Legal Guilds - Tsumiki feels very grateful that she is a member of Fairy Tail.

  • Insects - These things are very scary, and Tsumiki doesn't like them.
  • Arrogant people - People who think they are important to everyone.
  • Perverts - They criticize other people in a dirty-minded way and disturbing stuff like that.
  • People who harm the Guild - Of course, no guild member would like that.
  • Dark Guilds - They are doing bad things in this world.
  • Bitter food - They are bitter and Tsumiki hates them.

Tsumiki wants to become stronger and protect her guild, and she has a dream, that is to become the strongest mage in this world. Besides that, Tsumiki is not only want to protect her guild, she also wants to let this world become peaceful, as she knows that peace can only last so long. And the last, she wants to find her mother dragon, as the dragon was disappeared when she was young. She always believe herself that one day, her dreams will become true, and always say a words "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."


Everyone has fears, and this means Tsumiki is also afraid of something. Death, this is the only fact that everyone going to face, Tsumiki is also afraid of death as she cannot do anything if she died. She is also afraid of losing all her magical power, and cannot become a mage anymore. For a mage, losing all the magical power just like losing her life. Although Tsumiki is a Dragon Slayer, she is afraid that there are still many mages are stronger than her, so she wants to become stronger, to protect her guild, and the world. Tsumiki is also afraid that she will be betrayed by someone.

- My Appearance -

Height: 4'7"
Weight: 66lbs
Hair: Purplish-blue hair, with a long curly strand sticking out, that almost reaches her feet
Eyes: Dark purple eyes
General Appearance:

Tsumiki has purplish-blue hair, with a long curly strand sticking out, that almost reaches her feet and dark purple eyes. She has a fair complexion and is petite and dainty in stature. Her hair sometimes takes the form of cat ears when she sees something she likes. Tsumiki ties her hair up with a white band sometimes.

Tsumiki is a very cute girl, and many people are crush on her, it is all because of Tsumiki's cute face, and the cat ears. Tsumiki does not like to make up, unlike the girls who are always make up and dress up themselves. Her voice is just like the cat, and she is proud to have such a voice.

- My History -

History: N/A

- My Guild -

Guild: Fairy Tail
Tattoo: Chest, Purple
Rank: S

- My Face Claim -

Tsumiki Miniwa from Acchi Kocchi
Tsumiki Miniwa
Tsumiki Miniwa

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