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Tadashi Hiroshi

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Tadashi Hiroshi

Post by Tadashi Hiroshi on Mon 8 Oct - 7:56

- My Information -
Name: Tadashi Hiroshi
Nickname: The Sensei
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: 19th September
Sexuality: Straight
Others: /

Tadashi is the type of person that can’t sit by idly twiddling his thumbs while others are suffering. He has to help and will move heaven and hell if he had to. If you are sad then he will force you to be happy; if you are suicidal he will force you to live; if you are evil he will force you to see the light; that’s the kind of man he is. Stepping down is not an option and the more you push against him, the harder he will push back.
Honoring his word and staying loyal to his friends is another rule of his life. Never has he broken a promise, even when it was apparently out of his grasp. Never has he let down a friend in need or betrayed a comrade. It is his strong belief that those who are dishonest, disloyal/treacherous and/or evil must be helped onto the right path and forced if necessary. For those who cannot be helped only a swift death awaits them.
Training is also quite an important aspect to him. Every day (he makes it his routine) he trains from 5 to 8 in the morning, followed by 1 hour of meditation. His body has become so accustomed to this that he would feel weak and depressed if he skips out.
Sounds like a pretty disciplinary and strict guy right? Wrong there! Those are just his morals and his training is a prerequisite for his magic (and a routine forced onto him by his father). In realty he is a very, VERY relaxed guy… not really worrying much unless his friends are in definite danger. Optimism is another word very befitting of Tadashi. No matter how bleak the situation he always sees a bright side and tries to lighten the mood.
Friendly, caring, good with kids, honest, (somewhat) disciplined and loyal are all the main traits he carries… well one thing is missing: his aggressive side. When you annoy him or ruin his favorite meal (Sweet-Sour Pork and Ramen) he can get a lot like Erza Scarlet; violent, brutal, bloodthirsty and vengeful – not something you’d like to mess with considering his brute strength. Also don’t mess with him when meditating – the response is the same or even worse if he has a bad start to his day (rumored hospitalizations…). Short tempered is the wrong thing to say since you can’t get him to react if you insult him; but do that to his friends and the ending won’t be pretty.
Otherwise there really isn’t much else to his personality. His very open and kind personality and his tendency to hug everyone he meets/knows has somehow given him the label of pervert by women; though he is a very decent guy. His overall attitude is to never give up and always do his best. Towards children and women he is very protective like an older brother (not a father).
Intellectually speaking he is pretty average. He has some wise words quoted from Confucius and his lessons but that pretty much is it (though that isn’t exactly little knowledge either). In battle he prefers to be direct, discreet and to the point; ending it as fast as possible with as little damage as possible.
Why is his nickname “The Sensei”? First off, it’s because of his attitude. Anyone that asks to train with him, immediately signs up for a 2 month extreme training course. During this time he is like a teacher and by the end of the training most call him Sensei… What exactly happens during the training remains a mystery to those who haven’t gone through it. The other reason is that after he gets mad, he sometimes preaches those involved for a good hour and a half about their mistakes…
• Ramen and Sweet-Sour Pork: He grew up with this stuff and just can’t get enough of it. It reminds him of his happy childhood.
• Dogs/wolves: These animals were always kept at the mansion he lived in as a kid. Growing up with them, he understands these animals and cares for them a lot.
• Looking at the Sky: Tadashi finds this really relaxing at day and at night. If he can’t be found anywhere then he is somewhere lying on a grassy plane or roof staring up.
• Sparing: He is a martial artist so it is something he enjoys. He finds it more enjoyable without using magic since it tests ones true abilities. From one hand-to-hand fight he can tell the other person’s heart and thus their rough desire and will power.
• Drinking: He isn’t a drunk, but he won’t pass up a chance to drink either. To Tadashi, drinking is meant to be done with others in celebration of pretty much anything.
• Cooking: He loves to make eastern cuisine and eat the fruits of his labor. He also likes making these dishes for others and is overjoyed if they like it.
• Sweet and Spicy things: Just loves these flavors. They are his favorite flavors.

• Dishonest, disloyal, evil people: Tadashi just hates them. They act against his way of life and values. Those who can be corrected must be thought or even forced; those for whom all hope is lost must be eliminated.
• Death: Tadashi may be a fighter, but he isn’t a killer. He will if he has to, but prefers to pound his enemy to a pulp and then showing mercy. Also after he lost all he cared for this is the one scar he bears.
• Bitter things: He can’t stand bitter things. If he eats ANYTHING bitter he immediately has to puke (no tolerance what so ever).
• Dark Guild: Since dark guilds incorporate that which is vile and evil he is very opposed to their existence. Anyone from a dark guild will enter his “correctional program”.
• Bees: As a child he was stung a lot by bees. As a result he is VERY aggressive towards them (holding a grudge against them if that’s even possible). He once saw a bee in a dojo; two hours later the entire block was flattened…

He was taught one very important thing by his father: “A man’s strength may partly lie in his muscles, but they also lie in his heart. His comrades, loved ones and the things dear to him fuel a man’s will; they are the source of his power. Stay true to this path and you will be the most formidable of all; stray from it and you will become weaker than even a mere fly.” With this in mind, he has lived his whole life. After losing his family and friends to a psycho unable to help them, he vowed that he would become stronger for the sake of his future comrades, his father’s wish and the lives that were sacrificed to protect him.

He is afraid of death, of losing the things dear to him. He fears it and does everything in his power to fight against this unavoidable force of fate. Losing his family and friends when he was young left a horrible deep scar. Knowing the pain he also knows what evils come with it. If you kill without good reason: you are evil; if you confronted with death and made to feel sorrow: the sorrow may consume you. Keeping this in mind he is merciful; afraid of becoming what he hates and afraid of possibly turning someone else evil.
Otherwise it’s bees; though not a normal fear. He freaks out, but in an aggressive way; trying to kill it with everything he’s got… even if he destroy an entire city block…

- My Appearance -

Height: 6’ 2’’
Weight: 202 pounds
Hair: black, medium-length
Eyes: Brown
General Appearance:
He is a rather tall person at 6’ 2’’ and is very muscular at that (explaining his weight). His usual attire consist of a long, red headband, a white karate gi with the sleeves ripped off at the shoulders, bandages wrapped around his feet (sometimes found barefoot), combat gloves for martial arts and a black belt. At first glance he seems like a brute that is easily angered. But he can also be seen as strict and disciplined. He always tries to smile though he usually just has a contempt look on his face. He has a few scars from fights on his back and chest.

- My History -

It was a hot summer day when Tadashi was born into one of the leading martial arts clans of the land: the Hiroshi clan. His parents were the two top warrior of the clan, making a lot of responsibilities fall upon him and great things were expected from the child of two honorific warrior. Since he was 5 years Tadashi was trained by his father; each day started at 5 in the morning and ended at 6 in the evening where he only trained with his father. When it was time for supper his mother taught him how to cook all sorts of Asian cuisine. “A true warrior must be great not only in body and heart, but also in mind” as his mother always said. Being so young, Tadashi was obedient and did as his parents demanded. When he finally started school at the age of 6, his training sessions were from 5-8 in the morning and 8-10 in the evening. In addition he was being taught the ways of Confucius by his mother. Overall he enjoyed a happy childhood though; he had loving (but strict) parents, comrades within the family that cared for him and lots of friends from school. It has to be admitted that Tadashi wasn’t very well off physically; he was a thin almost sickly looking child. He trained very hard, but barely improved. The parents did not mind that fact; in fact they were prouder than ever: their son, though he was so weak, tried his best to achieve what seemed to be impossible for him – he had heart and will. However everything comes to an end at some point. It was on his 13th birthday; the horrible event that changed his life forever and shed a new light on things for him. As Tadashi walked home from school that day he was alone and everyone else was preparing his party (his friends, family and relatives). But what no one knew was what would happen that seemingly joyful night. The party was great and everyone was happy, when suddenly screams were heard coming from outside. The room fell silent as everybody took on a fighting stance… then the door opened. Darkness engulfed the room as the lights went out and a vicious murderous aura was spreading. A man covered in blood and dirt slowly walked towards the guests smiling ghoulishly. Finally someone acted and attacked followed by all other members attending the party… sadly, the opponent was more than what he appeared to be; the man started convulsing uncontrollably and his body started to deform. After that everything was just a hazy memory for Tadashi. All that he could remember was that each and everyone then was slaughtered in front of his eyes; some, including his parents and friends, died protecting him. The young boy did not know why he was spared by the monster but he was alive. Tears flowed down his eyes out of grief, horror and… relief?
One year passed. After the incident the boy was taken in by a friend of the family; an old man and a master of combat. It was here where Tadashi learned his magic; it was here where he started to train to fulfill his desire. “People don’t survive a massacre without a reason. They are meant to survive to become strong. An incident such as this can crush you forever, but only if you let it. You have a choice: let the horror, the grief, the fear, the anger consume you or fight it and live on. Try to live on in a better way and learn from the horror” This was the first thing his new Sensei said. It seemed heartless at the time, but it was the truth. Either shrivel up and die or man up and fight. Each day the boy tried to remember the events, each time remembering more; from this he learned many things:
He finally KNEW the TRUE value of family, friends and comrades. No longer did he have that faint sense of obligation towards them, but truly cared for them with all his heart.
Another 4 years passed in which he trained to the limit of human ability. No longer was he a sickly thin child, but a muscular tall 18-year-old young mage. He was seeking a guild, a place where he could find new friends and family, a place where everybody was accepted no matter what… and that guild was Fairy Tail. By the time Tadashi joined he was already an A-rank mage, a master in physical and mystical magic.

- My Guild -

Guild: Fairy Tail
Tattoo: Over his heart and red
Rank: A

Face Claim:
Ryu, Street Fighter

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Tadashi Hiroshi

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Re: Tadashi Hiroshi

Post by Rex Skywalker on Mon 8 Oct - 11:28

Hi there, I've checked your app everything looks fantastic! it's pretty great but please fix :

1)The Picture is too big please make it to 150x150

2) That's ALL! just fix it and you'll be approved ^^

Rex Skywalker
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Re: Tadashi Hiroshi

Post by Tsumiki Miniwa on Mon 8 Oct - 11:36

you can take a higher rank too, Tadashi, but you can also start as D rank ^^
Tsumiki Miniwa
Tsumiki Miniwa

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Re: Tadashi Hiroshi

Post by Tsumiki Miniwa on Tue 9 Oct - 11:18

Tsumiki Miniwa
Tsumiki Miniwa

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Re: Tadashi Hiroshi

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