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Thunder God Slayer -WIP-

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Thunder God Slayer -WIP-

Post by Daichi on Sat 27 Oct - 9:40

- My Magic -

Name: Thunder God Slayer
Type: Lost Magic; Caster
God Slayers - those people who were raised to defeat the gods themselves. They possess power equivalent, if not, greater than that of the gods. These God Slayers were so powerful, the gods decided that they stop teaching humans this kind of magic. But this was destined to be changed someday.

The Thunder God took a child and taught him this legendary magic - Thunder God Slayer magic, one of the most destructive types of magic known in the world. Thunder God Slayers were said to have ruptured the earth with intense lightning bolts capable of ripping through the souls of those who dare block their path, and at one point, almost destroyed a whole country, if only the gods weren't able to intervene. With the power of dark thunder, these mages were able to cause great chaos and massive destruction.
Strengths: (What are the strengths of your character's magic.)
Weaknesses: (What are the weaknesses of your character's magic.)

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