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Daichi Harmonia

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Daichi Harmonia

Post by Daichi on Thu 25 Oct - 9:29

- My Information -

Name: Daichi Harmonia
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: January 1
Sexuality: Straight
Others: He has a peculiar symbol on his back that shows an old pattern which can't be understood. It has three circles in the middle and three lines that connect to three different aspects of the world, which seems to be a concept map of deities. It is unknown why Daichi was born with these markings on his back.

Daichi is a person who seems to know little about this world. He knows little about the cities since he grew up in a forest. He does not really understand slang words since he was taught by the god of Thunder, and it is almost impossible to see a god walking around speaking slang language. He also seems to always regard people as something different, often speaking of them as 'humans' like he does not consider himself as one, instead considering himself as something higher, since that was the thing that his mentor taught him.

Daichi does not have that much sense of humor. He always acts serious and never really gets jokes since he does not think of the funny side of things. He often thinks of the literal side, so talking to him with figures of speech will prove to be a challenge. He always tolerates nonsense, since most of the time, he does not know what the one who is doing all the baloney trying to say or prove.

Daichi is a rather knowledgeable person, but only about things of antiquity. He knows a lot of facts about history since he loves to read ancient books every time he gets the opportunity to do so and gain facts through their stories. That's why he can easily persuade others - using his knowledge to come up with statements that can convince others to believe him, giving him an edge when it comes to things like arguments or recruitment. He is also a great tactician. He can also think of strategies really fast, knowing what to do afterwards in just a split second, which is a trait that will help the user a lot in the battle field.

• Ancient artifacts - Daichi likes to view artifacts of lost antiquity. Whenever he looks at them, he feels a link between him and the artifact, which makes him very interested whenever a person speaks of one. Some artifacts also have a link that directs him to what seems to be the origin of the world, which also links him to the origin of the god who trained him and helped him grow up.

• Strategical plans - Daichi is a person who would rather stay in a tent making plans instead of running into the battlefield and just going berserk. It is because that strategy is what leads a war to victory, not just defeating opponents without any plan.

• Light - Daichi loves the light since it is the gift the god that trained him gave the humans, and basking on the light gives him more spiritual power. At some cases, he can also talk to his mentor through the light, though this only happens when he is in a situation in which he needs help.

• Leading - Daichi always prefers to be the leader when it came to forming teams. It is because he has the qualities of one. He is serious, a tactical genius, and has rather powerful spells in his disposal enough to support his team.

• Cooperation - Daichi is a person who values cooperation of every team member. He knows that cooperation will make a team what it really is. He believes that right team coordination is a great factor affecting a successful strategy.

• Those who go against his beliefs - Daichi hates those people who does things that oppose what he believes, often asking them to prove why they believe in things that contradict his, and in the process, try to persuade them to believe in what he believes.

• Sucker Punchers - Daichi hates sucker punchers. He hates those people who won't hesitate to play dirty, since they will never put up a good fight. He does know that this kind of method is tactical, but he will never put dirty fighting in his strategy plan. He is not the person who fights weakened opponents.

• Fighting weakened opponents - Daichi hates fighting opponents who are already weakened from previous fights. Whenever forced to fight one, he will tell them to rest for a while and gather all their energy in order to be in top shape, since fighting a weakened opponent won't prove anything.

• Underestimation - Daichi is not a man to be underestimated. He does not like those people who view him as a weak and silly person just because he is a clueless and confused man.

• Losing - Daichi hates to admit defeat. No matter how how hard you try, he will not throw the towel and continue on. He's an adamant person, and he will never accept defeat especially if it was in an important quest.

• Daichi will do whatever he could just to make his mentor, the god of Thunder, proud that he raised a child who would grow up to be one of the most powerful mages the world will ever see. He wants to show Raiden how much he appreciates everything he has done for him, and how much he values him by using his magic to send him to success.

• Daichi will break his limits just to show that he will never let go of his beliefs. He will do whatever he can to win against those who prove to be a threat against his beliefs. He believes that all people must start recognizing the gods and not those mages who just show off their power. He will do what he can just to show that the gods still exist and guide the people.
• To die before he completes any of his goals - Daichi will never throw his life away in vain. He wants to finish all his goals before he can die with content, because he knows that he has a huge part to play when it comes to battles that have him in them. He will do what he can do avoid death before completing his objectives.

• Raiden's wrath - You have never seen anger so destructive as that of Raiden's, the thunder god. Daichi witnessed this himself, and because of this, he never did anything to offend his mentor, only doing things to please him, for he will never forget the day when thunder kept cracking and rupturing the ground.

- My Appearance -

Height: 5'11
Weight: 168 lbs.
Hair: Green
Eyes: Green
General Appearance: Daichi is a rather lean and fit person. He does not have that much muscular mass in his body, but he is also not thin - he is the balance between the two. His green hair and eyes are his best features since a person with this type of hair and eye coloring is rather rare. He often wears a closed jacket with a grey shirt inside, even if it is the hot weather. He usually wears casual pants and green sports shoes. He wears a necklace which he made himself, and on his pocket hangs a cube given to him by Raiden as a remembrance. He usually wears a grey cap.

- My History -

History: -N/A at the moment-

- My Guild -

Guild: Oracion Seis
Tattoo: On his right shoulder.
Rank: B

- My Face Claim -

N (Natural Harmonia Gropius) from Pokemon

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Re: Daichi Harmonia

Post by Rex Skywalker on Thu 25 Oct - 11:16

Hey Daichi!

Hmmmmmm i do not see anything wrong,

Personality - Checked
Likes - checked
Dislikes - Checked
Fears - Checked
Motivation - Checked
General Appearances - Checked

Everything is good, just that the picture might be a little bit big. Other than that approved!

Rex Skywalker
Rex Skywalker

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