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Mari Windsor (Complete)

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Mari Windsor (Complete)

Post by Churumi on Sun 21 Oct - 13:48

- My Information -

Name: Mari Windsor
Nickname: Mari
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday:April 12th
Sexuality: Straight
Others: A few small cuts here and there on her body


Mari is the silent type, letting her action's speak for her. She still speaks when spoken to but when things get serious, she's a whole different person. During her year's as a kid she knew that most things can't be changed just cause you ask for them. But to change something you mush act on your will to change it. And that is what she lives by.

Mari can be sweet and caring, especially around the people she likes. She try's to please all her friends by hanging out with them, going on jobs with them, and even keeping promises with them. She will protect her friends and guildies with all her heart and won't stop until the enemy is on the ground.

Sometimes Mari can be a romantic being alone for all her life she sometimes thinks about settling down once she saves enough money and has found that guy who'll do anything she say's, but still do what's right for her when the time comes. She can be easily flustered when brought into the subject.

When not in battle she can be very laid back, even around people she doesn't know. She usually she slouches around and stay's in one place. When the temperature is high she usually wear the least amount of clothing, sometimes only her underwear if she wants. And can get sleepy when the temperature is right. Usually sleeps in a soft place, like a bed, couch, or just rests her head on someone's lap.

Though when in battle she should not be taken lightly, especially when its someone she doesn't like or who messes with non-mages or her friends. She the type if she got hit, she hit them right back twice as hard. She might not be the fastest or the strongest but her will to fight for the ones she cares for is greater then any strong magic.


-Soft Object's: She like the feeling when touching/hugging a soft warm object that makes her happy
-Friends: She likes making new friends and hanging out with her friends
-Sweets: She likes the taste of any kind of sweet and is always willing to try new recipes made by her friends
-Training: She likes to train to get stronger and better then yesterday, and it also gives her something to do
-Hero's: Reading ton's of fictional novel's she hopes in meeting her man in shining armor to save her when she is in trouble


-Bullies: She hates anyone who bullies the weak just cause they are stronger then them or just cause they want to for no reason
-Alcohol: It messes up the senses and makes you do stupid things
-Enemy's: Anyone who put's their hands on her guildies/Nakama
-Jerk's: Anyone who thinks of them self's more important then others
-Dark guilds: They disobey the rules and do what they want. She doesn't like that, and wants them to follow by the rules


Mari has many things that motivate her to live happily everyday of her life. One of her most biggest and most important motivation of hers is her friends. She loves her friends from the bottom of her heart and would do anything for each and everyone of them. If anyone try's to hurt her friends, she won't take them for granted and do anything to make them never do that again. Another motivation is her want to travel the world and being a mage, will help her get the money to do that. And also be able to help people from her guilds jobs as well. She also wants to be well-known as a mage so that people will remember the name "Mari Windsor" and make her guild well-known as well.


Mari like everyone else in the world has fear's of her own. One of her fears is the most common like everyone else, Death. She is scared of losing her life, especially if she couldn't help someone in the end or if its from a pathetic lose, where she couldn't stand a chance. She is also afraid of not being able to save a friend in need, it makes her feel useless and weak. Another fear she has is not being needed or wanted by anyone. It makes her feel alone in the world as if she was the only one walking across the horizon.

- My Appearance -

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 96Lbs
Hair: Rich Blonde hair down to her waist
Eyes: Light Blue
General Appearance:

Mari is a fairly short girl, with long rich blonde hair that goes do to her waist. She is pretty slim in her arm's waist and legs. But has grown much in her chest and hips that gives her that curvy feminine look. Though she gets lots of complements from her friends she doesn't really care much for how she looks, but more on her health and how much fun she's having. She has bright blue eye's that look brighter in sunlight. She is accustomed to wear a darkish blue sleeveless jacket, with the zipper halfway up mostly cause it to tight around her chest, if zipped all the way. With a white strapless shirt underneath that has a black fairy tail logo on the back, shown when she takes of the jacket. She also wears a short black skirt, with a loose brown belt around her waist. and wear high heel steel black boot's, to make herself look taller.


- My History -

History: N/A

- My Guild -

Guild: Fairy Tail
Tattoo: Light Blue, Right side of left breast
Rank: C

- My Face Claim -

[Mary Stuart] from [kyoukai senjou no horizon]

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Re: Mari Windsor (Complete)

Post by Rex Skywalker on Sun 21 Oct - 23:55

Great app! Everything is perfect and has no mistake so that's why Approve for C rank if you want.

Rex Skywalker
Rex Skywalker

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