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Blue Pegasus : Guild Rules/Regulations[Important]

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Blue Pegasus : Guild Rules/Regulations[Important]

Post by 9th Legend on Tue 16 Oct - 5:42

Blue Pegasus

Even though this is a fun guild and all there are certain rules to be in this guild. When breaking or not following these rules, I will kick you out without hesitation.

• You have to be active. If you’re not on this website for three weeks, you will be kicked out unless informing me of your absence.

• Don’t be rude to other people. What I’m saying here is that don’t make jokes that will hurt their feelings or something similar.

• Everyone is equal! Don’t abuse your powers or show off with it.

• You must interact with other guild members! Being closer is important as you have a friend and someone you can do activities with such as jobs, RPs and such.

• Respect everybody! Everyone is perfect in his or her own way. Don’t think of others as stupid, retarded or something similar. Plus, this is the Internet, they can be different in real life. So, please don’t treat them badly.

• You must improve! The main activity you should be doing on this website is to RP. Don’t worry too much about if it’s perfect or not. This is for fun and for experience. It’s all to do with your creativity and imagination.

• Don’t be inappropriate on the chatbox. It may look fun, but believe me, you’re only going to decrease your reputation and people would not like you.

• Be supportive of the guild members. When somebody in Blue Pegasus is applying for something big, encourage him or her to do their best. There’s not a gift better than encouraging others when it comes to something big.

This is the most important rule of all that applies to this guild. Have fun!
9th Legend
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