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Halloween Event [Suggestion]

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Halloween Event [Suggestion] Empty Halloween Event [Suggestion]

Post by 9th Legend on Tue 16 Oct - 4:16

Halloween Haunted House Event:
We have a sign up period only 6 people will be allowed. They will each receive a letter inviting them to come join a ball at a mansion in some random town. They will all go there and once they get to the ball they will being to socialize. After everybody is aware of the others the lights will go off and the other guest will turn into green spirits and fly off. The home will not allow anyone to leave its grounds, a magical barrier that you cannot see is placed on the grounds that will auto make you turn around when trying to exit. This mansion is rather large and has many rooms, as well as having some buildings on the outskirts, like a greenhouse, shed, maybe guest quarters, and stable. The 6 people can group up or go by themselves to explore the grounds to try to find a way to escape. There will be 3 items throughout the mansion and its grounds. The items will house a certain spirit that is tied to the grounds. The spirits will be mini like bosses that specialize in spirit type magic. Once they are defeated their item will shatter and one of the magical seals placed on the mansions property will be lifted. After all three are defeated the final boss with appear. This is the a demonic specter that trapped the other ghost inside the mansion. Will out front of the mansion. It will explain that it needs mages magical energy to trap spirits here and to grow stronger and that is why it trapped them there. A team of mages or a single mage can take on this final boss, he will be a lot stronger than the other three. Once he is defeated the event is over and prizes will be awarded. The mini bosses will give out jewels and magic while the final boss will give out jewels, magic, and a rare item. If fought in a team the jewels and magic will be split for the final boss the team can choose who gets the item or a vote between the mods to who should get the item. The final boss will give this pet whose name is Halloween.

Halloween Event [Suggestion] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTSd7sUqMtgg9TJO5HS5S_YX5nPZCPQ8TqdLnYqXrBQAT7fgeaDjQ

The pet will have abilities like other but will not grow like the ones in the shop but will become stronger and later ranks will be able to use transformation magic to become stronger and battle like.

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