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Official Rules of the Site

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Official Rules of the Site

Post by 9th Legend on Sun 14 Oct - 4:36

- Official Rules of the Site -

These are the official rules of the site, which you should’ve read and agreed to when agreeing to the Terms of Use and Services while registering. For those who did not read the rules, or cannot remember them, they have been posted here for reference. The breaking of these rule or any rules will result in temporary or permanent ban (from the chat box or the site), temporary or permanent loss of priviledges (i.e. loosing the ability PM, post messages) or loss of characters, positions and ranks. ANYONE, Admin or otherwise, who is caught in DIRECT VIOLATION of these rules will be subject to punishment. Your punishment WILL match your crime, so pleased DO NOT break any rules.

**NOTE**: Any person or persons who violate the rules directly will be innocent until proven guilty until proven otherwise. Judgement will not and shall not be passed upon any member, or members of this site until they have appealed their case to the Admins fairly and with equal time. The final decision of punishment is up the Admins, but everyone is allowed to defend themselves and speak for what they’ve done. If you are NOT given this right, PM or Email me or any of the Admins **(list provided below)** By signing up for this site and by reading these rules, you have given us your consent that you understand the rules of this site and will abide by them, and that your punishment for breaking these rules are at the discretion at the Admins after all sides have been heard and all of the evidence and stories have been considered and discussed properly by all Admins. All decisions on punishment are final, but may or may not be changed (i.e. shortened or lightened sentences OR worsened or lengthened sentences) depending on the actions (good or bad) of any said person who has been sentenced. These rules listed below may ALSO be subject to change at the discretion of the Admins and necessity. Also, anyone caught with a minor offence will not face punishment and will be let off with a warning (depending on the severity of the crime and the amount of evidence against them. All of this is considered and at the discretion of the Admin.) An accumulation of 3 warnings will result in punishment matching your crime.

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