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Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto Uzumaki

Post by Naruto Uzumaki on Wed 10 Oct - 12:09

- My Information -

Name: Naruto Uzumaki
Nickname: Naruto
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: 20 October
Sexuality: Straight
Others: There are whisker marks on his face.


Naruto is an adventurous and courageous boy, as he likes to do dangerous jobs, and this also proved that he is fearless. He also likes to make friends with others and talking with them. He is also very strong and powerful and will protect the things that he wants to protect. Besides that, he is also a very determined boy. Other than that, he will punish the people who he thinks they are evil.

Naruto will become quiet and calm when he is angry. He is also a quite naughty and childish boy, this makes him seems like a young boy. He is not very smart, even though he seems very stupid just like a foolish.


  • Helping people
  • Dangerous jobs
  • Freedom and peace
  • Make friends with others
  • Fighting with others and just for fun

  • Killing people
  • People who he thinks they are evil
  • Men who think they are very handsome
  • His magic which always let him lose control
  • Dark guilds which are always destroy the peace in this world

What motivates Naruto is to become the strongest mage in the world, and let everyone know his name, Naruto Uzumaki. The another reason that he wants to become the strongest mage in the world is to protect the freedom and peace of the world too. Naruto also wishes that one day, he will able to fully control his mysterious magical power. There are still many things for Naruto to learn in this world, so he wants to survive by become the strongest mage. Other than that, Naruto also wants to be in love with someone, as he thinks that love is the most romantic thing in this world.


When Naruto was born, he has a mysterious magical power in his body, and the magic seems very evil. The magic become stronger when Naruto was growing up. Naruto can be said to fear nothing but this magical power. This magical power has the power of Nine-Tailed, also known as Kyuubi. The magical power can make Naruto lose his control when he is angry. The magical power of a lost control Naruto will become stronger, even Naruto can destroy a town by himself. Naruto is afraid if he will kill everyone in the town, inclusive of his friends. However, a mage taught Naruto the magic which can be used for control the power of Kyuubi to Naruto, and it is called Sage Magic, so then two magical powers combined together, and become the new branch of magic, Kyuubi Sage Magic. The more will tell you in the history.

- My Appearance -

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair: Blond and spiky hair
Eyes: Blue eyes
General Appearance:

Naruto's Appearance:
Naruto has a spiky blonde hair and blue eyes, and there are also whisker marks on his face. His skin is quite dark as he always out going to do dangerous jobs. He seems like a little boy because of his naughty and childish personalities, but he also looks quite handsome. He is always wearing a headband that has a mark on it. He prefers and always wearing a jacket which has orange and black colors, and an orange long pants. When he is angry, or he is going to lose control of himself, his eyes will become crimson red, and it looks like the eyes of cats.

- My History -


- My Guild -

Guild: Rune Knight
Rank: S

- My Face Claim -

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto
Naruto Uzumaki

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Re: Naruto Uzumaki

Post by Naruto Uzumaki on Thu 11 Oct - 19:45

Naruto Uzumaki

Posts : 3
Join date : 2012-10-10
Age : 21

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Re: Naruto Uzumaki

Post by 9th Legend on Fri 12 Oct - 0:06


Hello.. Im 9th Legend.

I have edited the character template.

- You should explain your likes and dislikes even further.

- You must start at D rank. You can only start at higher ranks if you are allowed by the admins.

- Write your story too as it will be perfect.

- For Face Claim, write down where the character came from which anime.

Bump when edited

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Re: Naruto Uzumaki

Post by Rex Skywalker on Fri 12 Oct - 0:56

YES this is perfect! this is one of the best app so far.... good job!

Rex Skywalker

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Re: Naruto Uzumaki

Post by Sponsored content

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