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Rex Skywalker

Post by Rex Skywalker on Fri 5 Oct - 7:59

- My Information -

Name: Rex Skywalker
Nickname: Rex the Titan
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: January, 21st
Sexuality: Straight


Sometimes Rex is funny, crazy, or extremely happy. But usually he would act like a real leader because of his responsibility and reliability. He is very happy to help others out when needed. He have the power to make his friends happy by randomly creating jokes and showing off his skills. He is a natural born leader. He loves his friends and never start an argument with them. When the battle is coming to a close bad end he would never give up and keep trying until he die. No matter what the cause, He would never stop trying because he is determined to be the strongest mage in the World and that is what makes him a natural born leader. Rex usually hang out with his friends a lot, because he thinks that his friends are like his closes family to home. Sometimes he could really get wild and crazy when things get out of control, like drinking alcohol, getting too mad and angry, etc.. He really likes physical sports like combat training, a soccer game or etc. Usually when Rex is alone with some strangers, he would start introducing himself, and then he would try to make the conversation a bit more interesting and entertaining. (He would usually accept everyone as a friend, only the people he hates would be his rival or enemy.) He loves battling and fighting, but he have a certain rule. The rule is that every fight or battle he is involved, he must battle fair and fight with honor. He is not a person who seeks revenge or arrogance battles, he would usually tell himself every loss is gaining more experience. He would then review on the mistakes he made or how he could have improve his strategies and etc. When his friends are in danger, he would risk his own precious life to save the others because they are very important to him and because Rex really care


Brawling with friends
Eating delicious foods
Showing Off his talents
Saving the world
Earning Money
Travel around the world and see the future in peace
Be the greatest Wizard in the World


Enemies intruding
Un-delicious meals
Dislikes people with no honor
Hates people with no respects
Hate to suffer from lectures


As for motivation, he is extremely motivated by whatever the task is. For example, if he was assigned to do something he would not only research on doing this task, but he would put all his effort forward in planning and presenting the task in the best way possible. He is determined to be the world strongest mage. He would never stop fighting for his trust and never back down from anything. He would protect he's friends even when he's life is in danger. He doesn't care if he loss a fight but all he knows is every loss is what he have to improve and work. He hates it when no one understands him.


Dark Magic, blackout, Ghost, Losing his friends. Being scared of no friends and no one to talk too. Whenever he watches scary movies, sometimes he might get scared or afraid. When he is alone at a scary place. He is also scared that someday he might loss his powers and he would be useless and all his dreams and fate would be destroyed. He also fears that someday he will be corrupted and the faith of the world will be crushed. Rex really fears the bullies. He is scared that he might get beat up or be killed without noticing.

- My Appearance -

Height: 180cm = 5.90551 feet = 70.8661 inches
Weight: 55kg = 121.254lbs
Hair: Spiky, orange yellow color
Eyes: Dark Brown Eyes
General Appearance:

He usually likes to wears a Black Suit and a Black colored pants. Rex's body is quite strong because of his muscles that tends to show how much he have trained. He is quite thin and tall and covered with the average body sized muscles, mostly everywhere in his body. He have dark blue eyes that are quite amazing and yellowy orange colored spiky hair that makes him gorgeous. And also Rex's skin is smooth and usually have clean Skin. Jugging by it's appearances people can easily see through his personality. His appearances also shows that he is a pretty nice person and have good manners. Rex is also good-looking (Popular in a way) to females because of his beautiful 6 packs and his charming body that makes him very attractive to people around the WORLD!

- My Magic -

Name: Venom God Slayer Magic
Type: Lost Magic ; Caster Magic
Venom Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of lost magic. Venom God Slayer Magic is a type of Magic which allows the user to incorporate the element of poison into their body, granting them exclusive characteristic possessed by Venom God. It grants the user, the power to produce poison / venom from his body and to consume the one produced from external sources to heal and strengthen himself, as a result it grants him immunity from poison. The user are capable of freely producing and manipulating venom in the form of Poison as Toxic gas and etc. Normal Poison / Venom magic and poison dragons slayer magic are shown to be pretty weak and useless against venom god slayers, since they can just eat the attack and fire back at them. Diseases, Virus, Fungus, Bacteria may also be a type of Poison or Venom. This can affect anyone who gets in contact with the user's tangible blunt force or any state where the venom can be touched or breathe.

The venom / poison is an advantage cause it slows down the enemy with it's toxin and eventually the opponent is left wide open and giving the chance for the user to do whatever he/she wants during the slow down time. The blunt force could also be very destructive as well

This magic has a huge weakness to solid matters and as a result the venomic toxic gas cannot even penetrate the super hard solid type. Only other God Slayers can beat this magic. Due to being a god slayer, Rex have motion sickness too.

- My History -

History: n/a

- My Guild -

Guild: Lamia Scale
Tattoo: Located on right lower shoulder and it's colored Black
Rank: S

- My Face Claim -

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

Rex Skywalker
Rex Skywalker

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