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Body of Proof (Repeatable) Empty Body of Proof (Repeatable)

Post by Rex Skywalker on Sun 7 Oct - 14:12

Name: In deeds of Protection
Mage(s) needed: 1 D rank
Word Count: 10 post each containing 200 words
Client’s Name: Renner loot
Location: Clover Town
Information: The request has been made to a shop keeper that has to transport a lot of money and needs protection from thugs in the city. He has been getting notes saying they are going to steal money from him.
Objective: Protect Renner loot from thugs and Gang Boss
Rewards: 5,000 Jewels
NPC(s): Allies :Renner loot Enemy’s: Gang Boss

Name: Renner loot
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Personality:Nice and clam but not a talker and can’t communicate with others quite well.
Appearance: Brown hair, Brown eyes looks very young for a 34 year old skinny short.
Information: Renner Loot is a Shop keeper and he isn’t doing quite well in his shop. It’s business is running awfully but the money is still coming at a good price.

Name: Gang Boss (D rank boss, takes 4 posts to defeat him)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Personality: Emo, crazy and have strong leaderships skills. He could also be quick tempered sometimes.
Appearance: Tall strong with eight packs and big muscles located everywhere. He is a tall and heavy person.
Information: An angry and powerful man who seeks rich and fortune only. He has all the power and control his gang. He will do whatever it takes to get rich

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