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Hunt for the Ancient Artifacts (repeatable)

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Hunt for the Ancient Artifacts (repeatable)

Post by Rex Skywalker on Sun 7 Oct - 8:14

-Ancient HUNT-

Name: Hunt for the Ancient Artifact
Mage(s) needed: atlease 1 S rank mage
Word Count: 30 Posts each containing 500words
Client’s Name: Mace Windu
Location: Oak Town ; Ancient Cave
Information: Mace Windu wants you to go in to the Ancient Cave where there will be many extraordinary beasts and demons. He wants you to get some ancient treasures deep down into the cave and bring back the treasure in one piece.
Objective: Get some treasures deep down in the cave and bring it back in one piece.
Rewards: 40,000 Jewels
NPC(s): 3

Name: Mace Windu the client
Gender: Male
Age: 77
Personality: Old, british style.
Appearance: Wears a Jedi Robe. Average height, average weight, has brown eyes and is bold, no hair.
Information: Mace is an explorer and a treasure hunter. He loves gathering treasures and he have built his own museum for people to enjoy themselves. Sometimes when a customer is interested in that specific treasure, Mace would sell it at a good price.

Name: Demon Boss (S rank Demon, takes at least 10 posts to kill the demon)
Gender: Male
Age: unknown Ancient age (could be 100000)
Personality: strong, old, touch and is a demon who is easily quick tempered.
Appearance: Super Huge, x3 your size and super heavy x5 your weight. A demon with two horns on it’s head.
Magic: Ancient Fire Magic : Fireballs (The user breathes fire on the target and create fire balls) - Ancient Flames (The user creates ancient flames which is colored blue and shoot fire everwhere) - Ancient Fire Tomb (the user’s fist is covered with fire)
Information: The Demon boss is like the guardian of the treasures, no one can get pass him or stay away from him.

Name: Gambit the beast (B Rank beast, takes at least 5 posts)
Gender: Male
Age: unknown Ancient age (could be 100000)
Personality: strong, old, touch and is a demon who is easily quick tempered.
Appearance: Pretty small and cute. It’s a bit fat and is over weighted.
Magic: Ice Magic : Ice shards (creating sharp ice and shooting it at the opponent) - Ice Fangs (The user spin his body and attack the opponent)
Information: Gambit is a beast. He is also a treasure hunter but he only seek richness and fortune.

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