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Entrance Exams vs. Sleep [Repeatable]

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Entrance Exams vs. Sleep [Repeatable]

Post by 9th Legend on Sun 7 Oct - 7:49

- Need For Help -

Name: Entrance Exams vs. Sleep
Mage(s) needed: 1 or more D Rank mages. Higher rank mages allowed.
Word Count: 7 posts each, 80 words per post
Client’s Name: Arnold Weldone
Location: Magnolia
The wizard who takes the request will spend the night in Arnold's apartment watching over him. It will begin with a one post meeting at his door followed by a one post tour of his apartment. They will then spend three posts watching over him as he studies. If he complains about being tired or begins to doze off, the wizard will do what they can to snap him back awake. Arnold will also periodically ask the wizard to help him with studying. This usually involves quizzing him on the material he has gone over. The night will end as the sun rises and Arnold shoos the wizard out to let him sleep before the test.
Objective: Do what you can to keep Arnold awake during his final all-night cram session.
Rewards: 1800 Jewel
NPC(s): 1 NPC

Name: Arnold Weldon
Gender: Male
Personality:Normally kind and quiet. However, these past few weeks preparing for the exams have gotten to him and he may become frustrated at times when he's particularly vexed by his studying.
Information: Arnold, a young man aspiring to be a student at Magnolia Academy, wants to hire a Fairy Tail wizard to keep him awake so he can study through the final night before his entrance exams. Do whatever you can to keep him awake, but don't hurt him.
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