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Vulcan Skin

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Vulcan Skin

Post by Tsumiki Miniwa on Sun 7 Oct - 7:47

- Finding Hunters -

Name: Vulcan Skin
Mage(s) needed: 1 or more B or higher rank mages.
Word Count: 10 posts per mage, 80 words per post.
Client’s Name: Daijo
Location: Mt. Hakobe
Information: Hiya, I'm Daijo and I am finding hunters to hunt vulcan, because I want the skin of the vulcan, can somebody help me? And please remember, I will stay in my house, and just only you, and your friends if you are in group, go to hunt the vulcan yourselves. There is a group of vulcan on top of the Mt. Hakobe, so please be careful~

This is a vulcan.

Objective: Hunt a vulcan, and take its skin to Daijo.
Rewards: 4000 J
NPC(s): 1 NPC

Name: Daijo
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Personality: Daijo is a very naughty old man, and funny too.
Appearance: Daijo seems old of course, and he is quite tall, and fat.
Magic: Fire magic for warm himself in the Mt Hakobe, because he living in the Mt Hakobe.
Information: Daijo is a mage, but he cannot hunt anymore as he is old, and this is the reason why did he want to find a mage to hunt for him the vulcan skin.
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