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Post by Tsumiki Miniwa on Sat 6 Oct - 22:43

- Storyline -

Magic, in this earth land, is very important and everyone needs it, but the question is, where did magic come from and who created it.

Thousand years ago, magic was still not exist in this world, but the gods were exist, and they were living together with humans at that time. The god of gods, Ades, created everything in the world. Although Ades created everything in the world, while the god of darkness, Loki, tried to destroy the world. Loki created magic, the power to destroy the world.

After Ades heard that Loki was created the magic, he convened all the gods to stop Loki together, as the power of magic is strong enough to beat Ades. Ades was not able to create magic because magic is a power of darkness, and Loki is the only god who can create it.

Then, the war among Ades and Loki was started. Loki was able to summon demons by using the magic, so he didn't need to convened the troops. After hundred years since the war has started, Ades sealed Loki, but the power of magic was still exist, many people were able to use magic as their bodies absorbed the power of magic and the power of gods, since these hundred years. The demons summoned by Loki were disappeared, and the people on the earth land, started to use magic.

A few years later, the magic council, legal guilds and dark guilds are created by people, after the gods were all suddenly disappeared from the earth land. The reason that why the magic council and legal guilds are created is because many people started to use magic to do bad things.
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