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Pein (Completed)

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Pein (Completed)

Post by Pein on Mon 17 Dec - 21:57

- My Information -

Name: Pein Hatake (Real name Nagato)
Nickname: Grim Reaper
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthday: 6/17
Sexuality: Straight
Others: All his piercings.

Personality: Pein is dark, and evil. He tends to speak out, and speaks his mind. Pein views all his plans as the surperior ones, and is very cocky in his abilities. He wastes no time in getting rid of all of his enemies, whether it be a mage, or human. Pein often finds himself being the leader. He is an excellent plan maker, and often views anyone against his plan as flies. And flies must be squashed. Pein has no time for people who are weak. He believes himself to be Zeref and Aconolgia's heir, and considers himself above them. Pein believes himself to be the King of All Dark Mages. He is an excellent negotionater, and persuades multiple dark mages to follow him.
~Death. Pein believes to be the Grim Reaper himself. He kills ruthlessly, and can find happiness in killing. Death is his favorite after all.
~Pain. Pein believes himself to be the defenition of pain. He believes in his perfect world, and causes pain, as that is the only for it to be accomplished.
~Dark Mages Pein believes that dark mages are the key to his perfect world. He respects all dark mages, from the lowest rank to the highest. He strives and is powered by their belief that evil is the key to a perfect world.
~Sushi Despite his hard exterior, Pein has an extreme like for sushi. It calms him down, and reminds him of his older sister. Sushi was her favorite.
~Revenge Pein believes that revenge is a dish best served cold. He likes revenge, and will back up any dark mage wanting revenge, in any possible way.
~People with no magic. He believes people with no magic, should be killed. After all, his family was killed by people with no magic. The main part of Project Pein is to auctually kill all people with no magic.
~Legal guilds/ Good mages. Pein hates all good mages, and believes for them to be flies. they often don't agree with his plan, and that causes him to hate and despise them. He often kills every good mage he sees. He plans to acknowledge and destroy all legal guilds.
~Magic Council. He despises the Magic Council, as he believes that they allowed the people with no mage to treat him like dirt, just to preserve peace. He believes that they are no better than people with no magic.
~Fire. When his old village murdered his family, they serverly burned Nagato. he now has an extreme dislike for fire, and hates fire mages, especially good ones.
~Cats. When Nagato stole food, he often found himself fighting with cats. He hates them, and believe they are nuisances.

Motivations:Pein is motivated by three things. His plan, revenge and pain. Pein is motivated by pain, as he wants to show the world what he went through. How he was starved, beaten and treated like dirt. he is motivated by revenge, as he plans to avenge his family, even if he already killed his old village. He wants to abolish any human with no magic, as they are what killed his family in the first place. Lastly, and mostly, he is motivated by his perfect plan. It is his way of life, and the reasons he lives. To make sure no one goes what he went through, that is his plan. To make a perfect world, where he is king, and everyone is happy.
Fears: Pein dosen't fear much. However, his few fears is his greatess weakness; that he won't complete his plan. Without his plan, he is noone. He will be a failure, and won't avenge his family. He also fears that his plan won't be welcomed. That noone will follow him. Pein fears that the people with no magic and the good mages will win his war. He won't allow that to happen. He promised the old man. Pein won't allow his fears to be the reason he dosen't succeeds, and dosen't acknowledge them. But, deep inside him, these few fears linger. They are his greatest weakness.

- My Appearance -
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Spiky, Orange Hair.
Eyes: Blue eyes with a ripple like effect.
General Appearance: Pein has blue eyes, that look like Zancrow's, and he bores six piercings, a metal bar through each ear, three studs through the side of his upper nose, and one spike stud on each end of the bottom lip. He also has three piercings on each wrist, one on his upper wrist and some just under his neck. He also wore a necklace, which was somewhat similar to the one worn by his mentor. He has spiky orange hair. Pein wears a black coat, with red clouds all over it, his family emblem. Under this, he wears a red long sleeve jacket, like the ones mental patients wear. He has black pants, that are rolled up to the bottom of his calfs, and his feet to his knees are taped up, that boxers use under their gloves. Over this, he has a white leg sleeve on both legs, and ninja sandles. HIs fingernails are painted blue, and he has a ring on his middle finger, with his distinct red cloud. Pein wears a headband, of four tally marks, with a slash through them. It stands for his four loved ones, all killed and dead. His mother, father, and 2 sisters.

- My History -
History: Death. Pain. Revenge. These are the only words Pein knows. When he was young, he was orphaned. He saw his parents murdered in front of. He was forced to steal just for food. He was orphaned, and never taken in. He has saw the worst of what kids saw. He saw death. He sees death. He. Is. Death. Let's start from the begining. Pein was born to a loveing family of a mom, dad, and 2 sisters. His mom and sisters were beautiful, nice, and overall good females. His dad was tough, but only for Nagato to grow up and be a good man, for his own family one day. Now try haveing all of this teared away from you, in front of your eyes. Your mother, and sisters, raped and murdered right in front of you. Your dad hung, and destroyed. Burned, flesh melting, all since your dad was a low ranked mage. He was from a town that treated mages as dirt, and when his dad was found out as a mage, they mentally, and physically ruined you. Nagato has scars all over his body. One reason why he got the piercings, was to take people's minds from his scars to piercings. Now, he was exiled, and had no home. He knocked on many doors, looking for a small piece of food, only to have the doors slammed in his face. This was only the start of his hard life. Nagato had found his way into another village. He was stealing for little pieces of food, and was all skin and bones. Nagato was no worse than dirt. He felt like it to. An old man took him in however. But this was no normal old man. He was a dieing dark mage. He promised Nagato food, and a home, if he kept his legacy going. Nagato had already seen the worse, and agreed with the man in many ways. Nagato studied his magic, and beliefs. By the age of 14, Nagato had taken the name of Pein, and had his own plan for an ultimate, care-free, no trouble world. It was called "Project Pein." Pein started his plan by testing his skills. Killings were common in his village. He murdered all of them. He even went to his old village and murdered them. With no regret. Auctually, he dance on their ashes, and laughed when they screamed in pain. He was Pain. He is Pain. Now, at the age of 24 Nagato is ready to bring down the world and execute his plan. Enter, the Grim Reaper; the ultimate Pain.

- My Guild -
Guild: Grimoire Heart
Tattoo: Orange, with a black outline. It is on his right hand, like Lucy's.
Rank: I would like to be S. If I can that is.

- My Face Claim -

Pein/Yahiko from Naruto

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Re: Pein (Completed)

Post by Rex Skywalker on Tue 18 Dec - 12:35

Nice APP but you can be at A rank not S at the moment.

Approved !

Go Have Fun RPING

~From Admin REX SKYWALKER : )

Rex Skywalker
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