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Magic Rules

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Magic Rules

Post by Tsumiki Miniwa on Fri 5 Oct - 20:44

- Magic Rules -

Everyone starts as 6 D Rank magic, this means if your character be approved as a S Rank mage, you will also start as 6 D Rank magic. You can upgrade your magic skill and buy magic skill slots for your character. You can only have up to 20 magic skills, but you can still get more magic skills by events or rewards from the jobs.

You can create your custom magic, but don't use the banned magic. If your character is using custom magic, the magic cannot be Lost Magic or Ancient Magic.

For all Admins can start with 20 spells with ;
5 D rank spells,
4 C rank spells,
4 B rank spells,
4 A rank spells
and 3 S rank spells.

Banned Magic List:

  • Absorption Magic
  • Death Magic
  • Living Magic
  • Crash Magic
  • Curse Magic
  • Dark Ecriture
  • Demon's Eye
  • Magical Drain
  • Memory Control
  • Organic Link Magic
  • Possession Magic
  • Seith Magic
  • Stone Eyes
  • Arc of Time
  • Arc of Embodiment
  • Great Tree Arc
  • Human Subordination

More magic will be banned...

Magic Types List:

  • Caster Magic
  • Holder Magic
  • Lost Magic
  • Ancient Magic
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